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N Rivarossi Vanderbilt Tender B&O Item #0003-100002


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N Rivarossi Vanderbilt Tender B&O Item #0003-100002 $34.98 ea

Used on various Rivarossi models

-factory lettered for Baltimore & Ohio
-Complete with trucks and truck pickups
-Complete with old style Rapido coupler at rear
-Metal Draw bar pin at front

Notice: The Con-Cor Trains was the US Importer for “N” Rivarossi from the
early 1980’s until 2003 When Rivarossi (A company based in Milan, Italy)
filed for Bankruptcy. We tried to recover our tooling from them through
the Italian Courts, but were unsuccessful. Eventually the English firm of
Hornby bought some of the Rivarossi assets, but were also uncooperative when
we tried to recover that tooling.

The Parts we list here all pre-date 2003, and are all we have. If you
do not see it listed here we do not have it. And no hope of every getting
any of them again.

Also, we DO NOT have exploded parts drawings on any of the Rivarossi items
as for the most part, Rivarossi never made parts drawings of their items.
(This also makes it harder for us to identify the parts we recently found.

As mentioned we recently found a couple of cartons of old Rivarossi parts
in the back of our warehouse and we will get them listed here as time

We have tried to describe the parts as best we can, some are assemblies
which are not 100% complete, but it is all we found.

We are selling them “as is” in all cases for those who might be looking
for parts to combine with an existing model and make one “whole” item
or using for scratch building purposes, etc.

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