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HO Reading Crusader 5 car "Budd" RTR Pass. Car Set (by GHB) # 283-121


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                                                                                      HO  Reading Crusader Collector Set  (Set of 5 Cars only- No Locomotive)
                                                                                  Cars painted Silver with “Reading Company” printed in blue above windows

                                                                                    Note: The Train Consist  IS  2 Observations, 2 Coaches and One Diner Car

The Reading company tried a novel experiment, and had an observation car at both ends of the train, so they did not have to turn around
the train set at each end of the line before starting back, just the Locomotive changed ends of the train.

The Reading Railroad eventually Sold the 5 car train set to the Canadian National, who refurbished the train,
 re-lettered it for Canadian National and ran it for many more years.

                                                                                                                          Short History of the models:
      “GHB” models is a small importer on the East Coast. They imported the complete models of the “Reading Crusader”
            Train including the Steam Locomotive and 5 cars in early 2014. 
The complete sets are now all sold out, and a collector’s item.
         At the same time a limited number of sets were imported without the Steam Locomotive, as many Reading fans modeled only in
                                              the later diesel years on the Reading, and
wanted the cars, but not the steam locomotive.
                                                                                     I have managed to acquire a few of the 5 Car sets remaining.

Details/ Features:
  Mfg Suggested Retail on the 5 cars Sets is $374.95

  • The Prototype cars for the Crusader were built by Budd Company in 1937, some of the earliest cars they made of this “shot welded” stainless steel design
    were the cars for the Oriiginal Pioner Zephyr Train made for the Burlington.
  • All cars will come with complete interiors, and LED constant lighting.
  • Working Knuckle couplers on all cars.
  • Metal RP-25 Profile wheels all around,
  • Decoration: Cars come fully decorated,
  • Notice the unusual configuration of the “Coach” interior, on these early cars, there even was a “lounge area” for Coach passengers at the rear of the
    car. This was in the days before the “bean counters” installed as many seats as they could.

I Can ship Internationally, just as for an Invoice and I will add shipping cost to your Country.





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