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Heljan/Con-Cor “HO” 1950’s Ford semi-tractor flatbed truck 0004-006022


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cratch & Dent, and “Found” Items

Notice: In doing some warehouse cleaning we come across old items that
were used at Trade Shows, or left overs from old production runs.

We would not call these “new” items as in some cases the boxes
some some wear, or in some cases no boxes at all. So they are being sold
“as is” where is. No returns accepted on items from this category.

We found some of these old Revell “HO” Flatbed truck kits in the
back of the warehouse..

These were run by the Heljan company (Denmark) for us a long time

The “HO” tooling originally made by Revell in the late 1950’s.

The kits have 59 assorted pieces and make into a nice model, or
you can paint the various components and use them for a realistic
junk yard scene.

The “flatbed” can be made two ways, either as a “stake-body” flat
bed, or a low side gondola type flat bed.

There are some water slide decals in the kit, but the are old and dried
out.One tip we got from a customer was to spray the decal with a coat
of Krylon clear over spray, let dry, then give it a 2nd coat and then
try to use the decals. But no guarantee !)

There is also no clear parts in the kit for windshields etc, so
another reason to use it as a background scene for a junk yard or
behind someone’s house or a factory building with weeds growing around it.

They are only $3.99 for these vintage kits

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