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Fall Yellow – 4oz Lichen


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Lichen Moss (Some people call it Reindeer Moss) is a product that
grows on rocks in Arctic circle areas such as Norway, and Iceland.

Harvested only once a year at the end of the Arctic summer season.

Been used for many,many years by Florists, and model railroaders
alike as the main background for scenery on layouts.

In production, food quality coloring dye’s used to create the
various colors, and food grade vegetable glycerine used as a

The Labelle Lichen is vacumn packed, and needs to be opened and
re-hydrated with vegetable glycerine for about 72-96 hours and
will puff up in volume, and colors will brighten.

Use a colorless glue such as Elmers to glue in place on layout.

Suggest given Lichen a fresh spritz of glycerine every 6 months
or so to keep it fresh looking and colors bright.

(vegetable glycerine and  spritz bottles can be found in most
large pharmacies such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS etc.. it is
fairly cheap stuff.)


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