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Con-Cor HO Track Cleaner System – SOO Line

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A dirty track can be the biggest frustration of running trains on your
layout. If your train’s headlight “flickers” when running down the
track, that is a sure sign your “DCC packets” are not getting through

Also on most layouts of any size, 80% of your track is within reach
and cleaned by hand, but what about the other 20%? Need a step stool
or to crawl around underneath

Solution: An HO Track Cleaning Car. AND Labelle #105 Track cleaner and

We found out the lastest run of “HO” Bachmann Track cleaning cars have
a chassis that is almost a perfect fit for our Con-Cor 40 Ft Scale boxcars

So, we are offering up a custom twin Pack using the frame of a HO Track
cleaning car, with one of Con-Cor’s 1940-s to 1990’s Boxcar bodies in
and a 1 -oz Bottle of Labelle’s 105 Track Cleaner. (An $8.98 value) all
for the low price of only $33.77

Choose from any of the Road names shown here (Some roads have more than
one paint scheme to choose from)

Comes with a Bachmann Heavyweight track cleaning chassis which has
metal wheelsets.

#1) Just apply a few drops of the Labelle 105 Track Cleaner and run kit
around Your trackage for about 15 circuits.

#2) Clean off the Pad with a paper towel. Re-wet with more Labelle Track
cleaner and do another 15 circuits.

#3) You will notice the Labelle 105 leaves a film of Lubricant on the top
of the rails.. THAT’S GOOD. That film will help your trains run more
smoothly. Labelle 105 is a “Dielectric” fluid that allows better
conductivity for your DCC trackage.

#4) If the film is more or less “clear” you are good to go.
If the film is still dirty looking, repeat Steps #1 and #2 until
the film on the rails is “clear.

Even if your track is fairly clean, running the track cleaning car
with a bit of Labelle 105 on the Pad for a couple of loops just before
every operating session will improve the running of your locomotives.

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