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2 Non-Powered N PA-1 + 5 New Haven Cars as shown

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Con-Cor has found in the back of the warehouse some of the cars used in
our Collector Set 0001-8517 we made in the early 1990’s (over 20 years

This is a non-powered display set only and only a very few are available.

The original set made in early 1990’s also had a other cars, but we have
non of the other cars left, sorry.

We also have no more of the Con-Cor Powered PA-1’s, so this set has
two dummy PA-1’s. (Maybe you can find a Con-Cor powered PA-1 at a Train
show or eBay etc. The shells would be interchangeable with these New
Haven Shells. (Also note if you wanted to run on “DCC” you would need to
get one of the Con-Cor PA-1’s made after 2001 and have “Made in China”
on the bottom of the fuel tank. Earlier Con-Cor PA-1’s are NOT convertable
to “DCC” use.

This paint scheme on the New Haven was used from late 1940’s and
into the 1950’s.

No box for this set either, will come wrapped in soft plastic bubble

Sold as a Complete set only and consists of 7 pieces as follows:

#1) All items will come with authentic Micro-Trains operating couplers.

#2) Consists of:
— 2 “N” Con-Cor non-powered PA-1 (#0760 and #0781)
— 1 Heavyweight Baggage Car ( Rivarossi tooling)
— 2 Smooth side Pullman cars (Roton Point & Manomet Point)
— 1 Dining Car (Myles Standish)
— 1 Rear of train observation car (Bunker Hill)

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