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HO AeroTrain from Con-Cor !!

      Wow !!.

      Have you seen all the magazine reviews ? The lastest is an 8 page product review in the July 2008 Model Railroad News, they never have given any product that many pages in a Trade Review. That follows on the heals of a 4 page Review in Railroad Model Craftsman, and Multi-page review in Model Railroader. With your encouragement we will continue to bring great new products to the market.

Latest Delivery Update:

      2nd Run of the HO AeroTrain due mid-August 2008. This will be the last production run of this item for quite a while, so if you have an interest in getting one, we strongly recommend you place your Pre-Order for this production run NOW . We would expect we will be sold out on these sometime in the early Fall as with all the fantastic Model Train Magazine Trade reviews, orders have been coming in every day for the 2nd run.

      You have the right at any time to change, modify, or cancel your Pre-Order at any time. We will contact you when the item you pre-order is in and ready to ship to you, to re-confirm your order.

Just Click on this image to take you to the Pre-Order form:

      Click here to Jump to "N" AeroTrain Information. The "N" AeroTrain tooling is finished and we are working on the final details now. See a short video of an engineering sample of the "N" AeroTrain running on the "N-Trak" Convention in Louisville, Ky. We expect delivery mid-October 2008. (Best Estimate).

Right side angle view of 4 car AeroTrain HO set

Yes, the model comes with the fully decorated engineer and firemen figures !

Want to See a short video showing the new HO AeroTrain and HO M-10000 ? Just scroll to the bottom of this page and click the Video link !!

Here are more close up photos of the HO AeroTrain models.

Left Photo shows rear view of HO AeroTrain 4 car set.

Right Photo shows 3/4 View front of engine showing Engineer / Fireman Figures and AeroTrain Logo

Left Photo Side view of loco,showing Fireman Figure and AeroTrain Logo

Right Photo Nose Logo on Santa Fe "San Diegan"

Right Photo New York Central Nose

Left Photo New York Central Loco Side view

Pennsylvania HO AeroTrain Side view Loco and Observation

Pennsylvania HO Loco top angle (this sample missing AeroTrain logo)

Rear End View of Pennsy Observation car

Side View of Rock Island Loco and Observation car

Rear End View of Rock Island Observation car

Nose of Union Pacific HO AeroTrain

Union Pacific Locomotive, side viewr

Interior of Coach showing decorated Seating

Fitting a Decoder to the HO AeroTrain

     There is a Standard NMRA 8 pin Decoder docket set inside the HO AeroTrain loco.

     Even with the limited space inside the HO AeroTrain almost any brand "Function" Decoder that has an 8 pin socket set can fit inside.

     If you want to add a Sound Decoder to the HO AeroTrain it is a very tight fit, and only a very small speaker can fit into the Locomotive. But Con-Cor has come up with a solution to this by offering an "Add on" Coach Car that is set up to accept a Sound Decoder.

Click here for more information on Special HO Coach for Sound Decoder

      NOTE: Also with a decoder you can make the center twin headlights flash when the horn is blown as the AeroTrain approaches a grade crossing !! (Feature only available on HO models with a DCC Decoder installed that supports the P-3 function. Decoder not supplied by Con-Cor)

     The AeroTrain name is recognized by most model railroaders, and yet finding good information about it has been a challenge.

Brief History:

     There were two AeroTrain consists (train #1000 and train #1001). Built in 1955 and debuted at the 1955 "GM Powerama" which was held at Soldier's Field just south of Downtown Chicago. At the same show GM showed a Solar Powered Automobile (Geeze this was 53 years ago!) -and still no solar automobiles.

     The two AeroTrain demonstrator sets logged over 600,000 miles traveling coast to coast and were open to the public for viewing in many major cities.

     In addition to the roads listed below that we can verrify used the AeroTrain is regular service, we know it also ran on many other railroads such as the Southern Pacific, New Haven, Canadian National, and spent a couple of months in Mexico.

      Anyone who can help with photos of the AeroTrain running on other railroads would be appreciated. Just send us an Email on what you have. (Click on Email link at the bottom of this page.)

     Today you can find parts of one Train Set at the Museum in St. Louis, and parts of the other Train Set at the Museum in Green Bay. The one in St. Louis was cosmeticly restored about 5 years ago using a $10,000 donation from the NMRA.

The Consist of each AeroTrain

     Each AeroTrain consisted of the locomotive unit, 8 40 seat coaches and the tail end observation car. A total of 10 units per train set. The Locomotive used the drive train off the SW-1200 switcher (regeared so it could hit a top speed of 102 mph- but it rarely ran over 65-70 mph since it was so rough riding), and the car bodies were built using parts from an inter-city bus body that GM was building at the time.

     The GM Designer responsible for the AeroTrain project Charles "Chuck" Jordan is retired and living in Southern California. "Chuck" was very helpful in confirming design specifications and details of the AeroTrain. "Chuck" was the primary designer of the 1958 Corvette, and was named Cadillacís Chief of Design in 1959. We owe a huge "THANK YOU" to Chuck for his help on this project.

Details on Con-Cor's "HO" Model:

     Con-Cor will offer the AeroTrain in a basic set of 4 units, the Locomotive 2 coaches and the Observation car.

     And "add-on" sets of 3 more coaches will be offered. So a modeler can buy the basic 4 unit set, plus one "add-on" coach set to make a 7 car "AeroTrain", or buy 2 of the "add-on" coach sets to reproduce the full 10 car prototype train.

Don't be disappointed and miss out on the 2nd run. Pre-Order Yours NOW !!

     NOTE: We are sold out on the lst run of the HO AeroTrain, but you can still place an a No Obligation Pre-order for the 2nd delivery due October of 2008. (Best Estimate). Just click on the "Order Link" at the bottom of this page.

Features of the "HO" Model.

  • Highly detailed bodies, with separate add on parts where appropriate.
  • Diaphrams between cars
  • Full interior details
  • LED interior car lightling with circuit boards in each car
  • Electrical pick-up and metal wheelsets on all cars
  • Dual flywheel drive
  • 5 pole scewed armature motor
  • Functional reversing front headlights, and tail of observation back up lights.
  • Flashing front headlights (in DCC mode) as Prototype used for Grade Crossings
  • Will come in DC mode with a circuit board with built in 8 Pin NMRA for adding any "small" function decoder
  • Optional Sound Decoder Coach Car available later from Con-Cor (See comments above about this Special Car)
  • Loco Cab interior
  • Special Edition Collector's Box.
  • Basic Set include Reprints of 1955 Article from Popular Mechanics Magazine, and 1976 article in Rail Classics Magazine.

    Con-Cor's HO AeroTrain gets Rave reviews from Magazines.

         Con-Cor's HO AeroTrain has received "rave" reviews from Model Railroader Magazine, Railroad Model Craftsman Magazine, "The Keytone" offical Newsletter of the Pennsylvania Railroad, and most recently, Model Railroad News... we thank all these publications for their fine comments on the HO AeroTrain Project which took us almost two full years to bring to market.

    "HO" Version: Introductory 4 car sets...(Engine, 2 coach cars, and tail end observation $429.98

    0001-008740 Undecorated (painted Silver, no other paint or lettering) 0001-008741 G.M. Demonstrator color scheme 0001-008742 Pennsylvania Ry. (Pennsy AeroTrain) 1956 0001-008743 New York Central (ran as Great Lakes AeroTrain) (1956) 0001-008744 Union Pacific (ran as City of Las Vegas)(1957) 0001-008745 Santa Fe (ran as The San Diegan) 1956 0001-008746 Rock Island (1958-1966)

    "HO" Version Add-On 3 car Coach set, Price $229.98


    0001-008750 Undecorated (painted Silver, no other paint or lettering) 0001-008751 G.M. Demonstrator color scheme 0001-008752 Pennsylvania Ry. (Pennsy AeroTrain) 1956 0001-008753 New York Central (Great Lakes AeroTrain) (1956) 0001-008754 Union Pacific (City of Las Vegas)(1957) 0001-008755 Santa Fe (The San Diegan) 1956 0001-008756 Rock Island (1958-1966)

    Jump to short Video clip showing our new HO AeroTrain and M-10000 Trains.

    Note: This is our first attempt at video on our website, a bit rough at the edges, but hey, it shows you our new trains which we are really proud of.

    Our Thanks to "John" in our customer service dept, for allowing us to take these videos on his layout.

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